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Wabakimi is a part of the Boreal Forest. Come spend a night at our Beautiful Lodge in Armstrong the night before you fly, and enjoy the delicious buffet dinner. There are lots of fun activities around the Lodge including a great fishing spot right off our dock. After breakfast the next morning we will fly you and your group into one of our excellent fishing lakes. Increasingly popular, and a great bargain, our trips will take you to a remote spot in or near Wabakimi. Phone Bruce at 807708-4080 to discuss the wonderful possibilities.

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Allanwater Bridge

Found at the junction of Brightsand & Wabakimi Wilderness Parks, sixty miles west of Armstrong by rail. Located in the historic ‘ghost town’ of Allanwater Bridge and former Hudson Bay Company trading post. Come to explore the vast chain of remote lakes and rivers with excellent fishing, or stay to swim & relax in this deluxe and modern new outpost. The cabin has four large bedrooms and could sleep up to 20 people. A perfect location for a family reunion or corporate retreat.

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Burntrock Lake

Burntrock Lake is 4200 acres, with many islands and bays. The abundant rocky shoals provide the perfect cover for the Walleye and Northern pike. You can portage into the nearby lake but won’t need to. While relaxing from a great day of fishing you can take in the great view from your cabin window. You will believe the old saying “Walleye Heaven” once you experience the fishing here.

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Kawaweogama Lake

(Maybe just say Kawa?) Near Allanwater. Means “big round lake with lots of rocks!” (and lots of walleyes and northerns!) in Ojibway. Modern 10 person camp (comfy for 8) on a spectacular point on the west side facing the morning sun near where the Brightsand River goes up to Sunray Lake falls (Lots of walleyes and moose!).

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Montcrief Lake

Montcrief Lake is 50 air miles north of our B&B, in the most remote part of Wabakimi ( you can’t even get there by canoe!). A lovely camp for up to 8 fishers or moose hunters, it has wonderful walleye fishing and lots of moose (the odd caribou too… but do NOT shoot the caribou!). Call or email Bruce, he will tell you where the best fishing and moose hunting are. Our newest outpost, Montcrief is well equipped and comfortable… bordering on fancy!

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Morden Lake

Comfy for 4, but has 5 beds. Charming. Incredible walleye fishing! Lots of moose for hunters with their own tags for WMU 17. Portage to nearby 6 mile long lake with boat and even more walleyes. Lots of sand beaches for swimming. Has not been fished for over a decade!

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Shawanabis Lake

Bruce lived here, 25 miles from the nearest road, mostly off the land, for 2 years in the mid-1970’s. This gorgeous lake is cold, clear and productive. Six miles long, its 40 islands, countless bays, reefs, and points provide excellent walleye structure. Several small rivers run into the lake. At the southern tip, Boulder Creek is deep and winding, with good breeding spots for trophy pike over 20 pounds.

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Windfall Lake

We fly you to the beautiful sand beach in the heart of Wabakimi Park. Windfall is a magical place. The cabin is rustic and simple, and comfortable for 2-3 people (there are nearby tent sites for a larger group) . Windfall Lake is a productive lake for walleye and pike. Portage into neighboring Snake Lake for MONSTER northern pike. You can explore Windfall Lake and nearby lakes by canoe, kayak or boat & motor. Swim right in front on the beach, fish, and paddle or just soak up the tranquil Wabakimi wilderness. Perfect for family outings & fishing. This outpost is one of Bruce’s favorites. Ask him about it!

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