Fly-In/Train-In Outposts

Wabakimi has added two cabins that can be accessed by rail. It is possible to train-in and out from these top notch outposts or fly-in if you choose. Increasingly popular, and a great bargain. A great place to go fishing or soak up the tranquil surroundings with friends and family.Phone Bert or Brenda  807-583-2626 to discuss the possibilities or book a Wabakimi fishing adventure.

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Allanwater Bridge Lake

Located at the junction of the Brightsand and Allanwater rivers this location offers excellent fishing opportunities. Head downstream to the many sets of rapids on the Allanwater, where you’re sure to find numerous hungry Walleye. Or search the multiple lakes and smaller streams in the vicinity for huge Northern Pike. The Allanwater Bridge Fly or Train-in Outpost is located on the CN line in the historic ‘ghost town’ and former Hudson Bay outpost of Allanwater Bridge. Our newest addition to our selection of services and cabins, this outpost is modern, comfortable and is the perfect choice for the people who want to fish in luxury.Bert and I escape to this little piece of paradise whenever we have the chance.A great place to relax, hike and fish.

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