Directions to Wabakimi B&B / Outfitting & Floatplane Base

  • Turn north onto Highway 527 from Highway 11/17 just east of Thunder Bay.  Remember to fill your tank in Thunder Bay! (If you are coming from the East, DO NOT take Black Sturgeon Lake Road or any other shortcut – even if your GPS or Google recommends it!) (If you are coming from the West, DO NOT try to take a shortcut before Thunder Bay – even if your GSP or Google recommends it!)
  • Drive for approximately 2¾ hours.  Watch out for logging trucks and wildlife along Highway 527. Posted speed limit is 80 km/hour (50 Mph)
  • DO NOT turn down Obonga Lake Road when you see a sign for “Wabakimi Wilderness Lodge” – this is not the right place!
  • You will see a few signs for our B&B along the way (all in the shape of a canoe with the Wabakimi Adventures logo on it), then a blue sign just before our turn-off onto Frontier Trail.
  • Turn left onto Frontier Trail and take the left fork.  Follow this straight to the B&B.
  • If you arrive in the town of Armstrong then you have gone too far!  We are located about 10KM (6 miles) south of town.  There are signs for us on the way back too, so just turn around and head back.
  • If you require bait, stop at Silver Minnow 2 miles up HWY 527. Contact Josh at (807) 683-3778. If you require any liquor or groceries pick-up in Thunder Bay.
  • If you get lost, just give us a call in Armstrong at (807) 583-2626 or in Thunder Bay at (807) 708-4080