Directions to Wabakimi B&B / Outfitting & Floatplane Base

  • Turn north onto Highway 527 from Highway 11/17 just east of Thunder Bay.  Remember to fill your tank in Thunder Bay! (If you are coming from the East, DO NOT take Black Sturgeon Road or any other shortcut – even if your GPS or Google recommends it!) (If you are coming from the West, DO NOT try to take a shortcut before Thunder Bay – even if your GSP or Google recommends it!)
  • Drive for approximately 2¾ hours.  Watch out for logging trucks and wildlife along Highway 527. Posted speed limit is 80 km/hour (50 Mph)
  • Turn left at the Wabakimi Outfitters sign and take the left fork.  Follow this straight to the B&B.
  • If you arrive in the town of Armstrong then you have gone too far!  We are located about 10KM (6 miles) south of town. so just turn around and head back.
  • If you require bait, stop at Silver Minnow 2 miles up HWY 527. Contact Josh at (807) 683-3778. If you require any liquor or groceries pick-up in Thunder Bay.
  • If you get lost, just give us a call in Armstrong at (807) 583-2626 or in Thunder Bay at (807) 708-4080