Kawaweogama Lake

(Maybe just say Kawa?) Near Allanwater. Means “big round lake with lots of rocks!” (and lots of walleyes and northerns!) in Ojibway. Modern 10 person camp (comfy for 8) on a spectacular point on the west side facing the morning sun near where the Brightsand River goes up to Sunray Lake falls (Lots of walleyes and moose!).

Cabin rental includes:

  • Boats, Motors, Gas
  • Flights in and out from main Wabakimi Lodge near Armstrong
  • Comfy large modern cabin
  • Electric fridge and generator
  • Wood stove, kitchen stove, all pots and dishes, etc.
  • Good maps

Kawaweogama Lake Rates:

Fly in/Fly out

*4-8 people

Please contact Bruce at: 807-708-4080 or email us at: info@wabakimi.com for current rates.