Canoe Trips

Canoe Tripping & Outfitting

Wabakimi Outfitters offers canoe trips into the Wabakimi Wilderness Park, both guided or do-it-yourself, with full or partial outfitting. Each and every trip is carefully custom-planned working with you, whether it is for 3 days or 3 weeks.

We can supply as much or as little gear as you may need. Some of our best routes can begin or end at our remote outposts, where you may choose to stay a night or two.

Our most popular trips have become those where we strap your canoe onto a floatplane and fly you into the heart of Wabakimi. Then paddle and portage your way either to a remote road-head outside of the park… or paddle to the rail line on the southern edge of the park where we can arrange for you to be picked up by a train to bring you back to Armstrong for a cold beer and a hot shower.

We have all the permits, and they are included in all of packages.

Complete Outfitting

Let us make it easy for you! We will provide canoe, paddles and lifejackets, a route to suit your preference, tents, packs, group cooking gear and delicious, nutritious food. Everything will be packed and waiting for you upon your arrival. We have been doing this for 40 years… and are goals are safety first!… and protection of park natural and cultural values, followed closely by ensuring that you have a wonderful wilderness holiday.

Route Planning, Advice, Permits & Maps

Don’t be shy to tap into our experience and knowledge of the Wabakimi wilderness. Tell us what kind of trip you would like…length, degree of difficulty, what you would most like to see and do…then we can brainstorm together. Bruce especially likes working with you match up your goals, experience, skills, and budget with the most appropriate Wabakimi route.

We have developed our Wabakimi Park Planning Map. It is perfect to enable a phone chat with Bruce about trip possibilities. After we have picked a route together, we send our clients highly detailed trip maps and notes about that route. We also carry a complete range of other topographic maps and Wabakimi Provincial Park maps. We have any and all of the permits or licenses that you will require for staying in provincial parks, on crown land, and for fishing and hunting.

Maps & Permits»

High Quality Canoes

Feel free to bring your own! Or rent one from us. The type of material to suit your trip and your budget, rental or sales.

  • Kevlar
  • Duralight
  • Crosslink
  • Aluminium
  • Royalex
  • Royalite

We have a unique program where people can buy a used canoe from us after their trip at a bargain, where much of the rental fee is applied to the purchase.

We also sell new and used canoes in both Thunder Bay and Armstrong, and no sales are ever final from Wabakimi Outfitters. If you love it… great! If not… we will just charge you a fair rental fee and refund the rest, or apply it to a different model. Curious? Just call Bruce at 807-708-4080.

Transportation Assistance

Don’t let the transportation details bog you down! Allow us to help organize and book your transportation, so you can enjoy your trip. Call us at 807-583-2626 and and learn more about our transportation assistance»