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Time for some super bargains on used rental canoes! Bruce is working on finalizing the prices. Just call him at 807-708-4080 or email him at Bruce@Wabakimi.com with your wish list. With a $500 deposit or similar, we can hold one for you if that is helpful. The prices will likely increase next year! Bonus: If you buy and pick one up before June 30, 2024 you can have a free night with a friend at The Wabakimi Lodge!

NEW and USED CANOE SALE – Fall Clearance
# Brand Model Length Serial # Material Colour Comments
B1 Bell Prospector 16 CP057J809 Ultralite Kev Clr/Blk real Chestnut!
B3 Bell Northstar DY 16.5 172K809 kevlite clear New
B4 Bell Northwoods 18.5 067G809 carbon Black New, needs PW and varnish
B5 Bell Northwoods 18.5 109J910 Kev clar small patch needed
B6 Bell Northwoods 18.5 066G809 carbon Black Needs 1BP and yoke. patch?
B7 Bell Northwind RX 16 RN337A010 RX Red BP’s, new
B8 Bell Alaskan 17 063G708 RX Red Good ( yoke needs varnish) bent gw
B9 Bell Alaskan 17 RA155C010 RX RED? perfect, new, BP
B10 Bell Alaskan 17 154C010 RX Red scratched, BP
B11 Bell Alaskan 17 159C010 RX Green slightly bent gunwale, needs BP
B12 Bell Northwoods WT 18.5 14574C606LT Carb/Kev Clear/Blk Wood trim, New, Primo, need varnish
C1 Clipper Yukon 16.8 1K163A121 Kevlar white New, slightly bent gunwale, fixable
C2 Clipper Tripper “S” 16.5 PK286B202 Kevlar New
C3 Clipper Prospector 14 CP006E020 kevlar Good almost new
C4 Clipper Tripper 17′ 6″ ZMDCT059L121 kevlar yellow
C5 Clipper Prospector 17 SP040E121 kevlar yellow wilderness lashing system
E1 Esquif Prospecteur 16 QVVP6425I323 RX, bang plates red slightly used
E2 Esquif Prospecteur 16 QVVP6414I323 RX, bang plates red Like new, rented briefly
E3 Esquif Prospecteur 16 QVVP6420I323 RX, bang plates red New
E4 Esquif Prospecteur 16 QVVP6416I323 RX, bang plates red New
E5 Esquif Prospecteur 16 QVVP6427I323 RX, bang plates red New
E6 Esquif Prospecteur 16 QVVP6407I323 RX, bang plates red New
E7 Esquif Prospecteur 17 QVVP7260J323 RX, bang plates red New
E8 Esquif Prospecteur 17 QVVP7158H323 RX, bang plates red New
E9 Esquif Prospecteur 17 QVVP7183H323 RX, bang plates red New
E10 Esquif Prospecteur 17 QVVP7257J323 RX, bang plates red New
E11 Esquif Prospecteur 17 QVVP7247I323 RX, bang plates red Like new rented for 2 days!
E12 Esquif Prospecteur 17 QVVP7261J323 RX, bang plates red Used, needs BP repair
H1 H2O Bob Special 15 BOB120F212 kevlar Green/White Good condition
N1 Northstar Northwind 17 NSC12425D818 Kevlar BP, dented gunwale, good cond.
PX1 Bruce’s Prospector 16 None RX RED new, carved yoke, bit faded
PX2 Bruce’s Prospector 16 None RX Red scratched, needs paint and BP
S1 SR Quetico 17 17 250C616 Kev clear needs some FG repair
S2 SR Quetico 17 17 KK256B323 Kev yellow Like new, small scratches
S7 SR Wilderness 18 18 012I900 Kev Bow slide needs clean and paint
S9 SR Prospector 16 PK078J223 Kev Yellow Like new, small scratches
S12 SR Tranquility 16 TK345D323 Kev yellow scratched, solo
S13 SR Tranquility 16 TK351D323 Kev yellow scratched, good condition
S14 SR Quetico 16 16 327F414 Kev Solo seat, good condition
15 SR Quetico 17 17 KK348F515 Kev needs BP small  repair
16 SR Quetico 18.5 18.5 332F414 Kev Like new, small scratches
17 SR Quetico 18.5 18.5 257C616 Kev very scratched, 1 small patch
18 SR Wilderness 18 18 WF248C616 Kev needs small patch, needs BP?
19 SR Quetico 18.5 18.5 XK310E717 Kev good condition
22 SR Quetico 18.5 18.5 078J516 kevlite new Blk gunwale, snow crease repaired
23 SR Quetico 18.5 18.5 XK372C222 kevlar yellow light scratches, good condition
24 SR Quetico 18.5 18.5 XK343F414 kevlar yellow scratched
25 SR Quetico 17 17 KK202A323 kevlar yellow scratched, good condition
26 SR Quetico 17 17 KK371C222 kevlar yellow scratched, good condition
27 SR Quetico 17 17 KK458D222 kevlar yellow scratched
28 SR Quetico 17 17 KK378C222 kevlar yellow light scratches, good condition
29 SR Quetico 17 17 KK452D222 kevlar yellow Like new , rented once
30 SR Quetico 16 16 QK377C222 kevlar yellow scratched
31 SR Prospector 16 PK072C223 kevlar yellow scratched, good condition
SR Wilderness 18 18 ? Duralite white Bow slider Allanwater Bridge
TR1 Old Town Penobscot 17, 69 lb 27648J007 Royalite, crack Red custom wood trim, curved cane
TR2 Old Town Penobscot 17 C8283C202 Royalex Red cracked gunwale and hull
T*3 Old Town Osprey 14 Green Good condition
T4 Old Town Osprey 14 27826J00 Poly Green 3 seats
TR4 Old Town Penobscot 186 18’6″ 30610I506 RX Green 3 seats, BPs, good condition
T5 Old Town Kineo 169 16’9″ 03530K405 Red Very good
T15 Old Town Canadienne 17.6″ XTC688871586 kevlar Green cane seats, paddles great, Bit heavy
Old Town Kineo 169 16’9″ allanwater Bridge
W1 Wenonah Wabakimi 18 18 250G506 TW Exped Kev white Bow slider, needs paint
W2 Wenonah Spirit II 17 AL358G506 Exp. Kev White Reconditioned, BP, good
W3 Wenonah Champlain 19? AP260L001 kevlite scratched, good, dented gunwale
WC1 ?? 16 Wood canvas Red Good condition

For more information and pricing, contact Bruce at 807-708-4080 or Email.