Theoretically, ecotourism can be defined as a type of tourism where the environment, local community and visitor all benefit. In practice, the term ‘ecotourism’ is often used by tour operators as a marketing tool to promote any form of tourism that is related to nature.

At Wabakimi Outfitters we view ecotourism as a study of the ecology of the Wabakimi Park area. As an Environmentalist and Activist, Bruce Hyer has been instrumental in the creation and preservation of the region we now call Wabakimi Provincial Park. He and other friends of Wabakimi were interested in the preservation of this wonderful expanse of natural wilderness long before Ecotourism became a recognized term in the English language!

Whether for your family and friends, or for a group of professional scientists, we can arrange special trips related to themes like Boreal or Fire Ecology, Geology & Glacial History, Woodland Caribou or other Wildlife.

Ecotourism, Mini- Ecotours

Round out your experience in the Armstrong area with an informative ecological mini-tour. Learn about the boreal forests and wildlife around Wabakimi. Available on a scheduled or “by arrangement” basis.

Some examples are:

  • Introduction to the Boreal Ecosystem
  • Getting to Know Caribou
  • Landforms and Glacial History of the Wabakimi Area

Or you may choose a day trip by canoe or kayak in the Armstrong area to learn about boreal ecology and geology.

Call Bruce Hyer 807-708-4080 anytime to arrange your Canada Ecotourism experience. You won’t be disappointed!