BIG SPRING clearance of used rental canoes from Souris River, Wenonah, Bell, Northstar, Clipper, Esquif RX Prospectors. Also sale of new canoes from Clipper. Call or email Bruce.

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Wabakimi Wilderness Park is a huge expanse of unspoiled wilderness representing the best representations of boreal forests. Wildlife includes rare and elusive woodland caribou, moose, wolves, bald and golden eagles, otters, marten, fisher, wolverine… and the list goes on and on! Fishing is superb for walleye, huge northern pike, and trout…both lakers and speckled trout (way too big to call them “brookies”). It has many dozens of canoe routes, both flatwater and whitewater. No matter your age, we can keep you in wonderful new canoe routes for your entire life!

Wabakimi Outfitters is a family business that is the only full service outfitter to Wabakimi. It has been in business since 1976, when Bruce Hyer moved there from Connecticut at age 29. We do many things, the three main ones being:

  • Canoe Trips… guided… do-it-yourself… partial or complete outfitting… maps & permits… advice and trip planning… floatplanes, trains
  • Fly-in or Train-in to 6 remote outposts in or near Wabakimi Park for fishing, families, moose hunts
  • Drive-to Lodge with 8 bedrooms on Frontier Trail, Mattice Lake, Hwy 527 near Armstrong, Ontario. A 4-Star destination by itself, it is also a wonderful start and/or ending to a canoeing or fishing trip into Wabakimi.