From Bruce March 20, 2021

We have a new slideshow about Wabakimi. Click on this link to go straight there: Boreal Canada by Canoe slideshow.  Narrated and prepared by yours truly. It was at the virtual Canoecopia, and was enjoyed by past and future Wabakimi wanderers.

Wow: Climate change is real!  Way above freezing today in Armstrong, and water is running off the roof and down the driveway. I am waiting and watching for two future events: 1) Ice out!  2) Opening the USA border to clients.  Decades ago, the ice-out date for Armstrong/Wabakimi used to be from mid-May to late in May. Now it seems to vary from Early May to mid-May. I may start a pool on both issues. But here are my GUESSES: 1) Ice out between May 5 and May 12. 2) Border opening no earlier than June 1, and no later than July 1. Click here to join the online pool. Anybody who correctly guesses on either one gets the beverage of their choice at the Wabakimi Wilderness Lodge this year (well maybe not single malt scotch…).  I am getting many things ready: canoes, tents, airplanes, map updates, truck tuneups, etc.

Lindsey David is doing a super job of keeping track of bookings with our new hi-tech reservation system. Plus keeping Bruce ON track.

Mid to late May, Bruce and 1 or 2 staff are flying to Burntrock Lake and out from Whitewater Lake to clear the blowdowns on the Palisade River. Any “victims” want to come? (Share flying costs and food and labour!) Some fun and fishing too! Then later in the season, a similar trip into the myriad of interconnected lakes and rivers around D’Alton Lake northeast of Caribou Lake to clear portages and renew trip notes. That virgin area outside the park is now at risk of roads and logging. Bruce is on it!  But… help (letters, etc.) are always useful. Email me for details.

We have two new (to us) outposts this summer, Kawaweogama Lake (which should be ready around June 1?) is BIG, has lots of walleyes, BIG pike, moose… and rocks. The 8 person outpost has been unused for decade. I have wanted to buy it for a long time. It is large, modern, and comfy on the west shore near the river that goes up to Sunray Lake (that is where the big pike and moose hang out). Gets the full morning sun! Call or email me for more info.

We also now have Morden Lake, comfy for 2-4 people. Also unfished for a decade! Big pike, lots of walleyes, and moose and other wildlife. Charming cabin, quite remote.

The phone has been ringing like mad, and lots of emails. I hope we don’t run out of Wabakimi Planning Maps!

I sure am looking forward to doing of the following soon:

  • Paddling and portaging. Even trail clearing!
  • Flying into outposts to open them up.
  • Helping folks to plan a great canoe route. (more and more are becoming fly-in and paddle out…)
  • Greeting folks at the Wabakimi Wilderness Lodge
  • Swapping Wabakimi stories pre- and post-trip!

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