Bruce’s Wabakimi Blog

Bruce’s Wabakimi Blog

The snow is melting. We are getting excited !

Last year I bought a newer bigger faster wonderful floatplane. The Maule M5 gets me, friends, family, volunteers and staff to our outposts to build docks, repair winter damage, add solar panels, and a hundred other things that need doing. Oh yes… and sometimes I even get to  fish!  (But that doesn’t usually take very long long before we have dinner in Wabakimi!) Send me an email and I will send you some pics of “Pretty Bird” at some of our outposts.

This summer, I promised Margaret and Michael to take them on a trip down the famously historic  and mighty Albany River, before i am too old and creaky.  I think it might just be the best canoe trip in Ontario! We can bring a few other folks with us. It is not too cheap (long floatplane flights in and out over 100 miles each way), and has quite a lot of whitewater. Am still finalizing costs and dates, but sometime in late July or early August for a week to 9 days. Interested? email me

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