Windfall Lake inspired poem


Back into the woods


“The people of the past walked out of the motherly woods and into the world of grave gravel roads,

Running behind the worldly wealth, forgetting the happy and health,

To wake up to the sound of wind and waves, there could not be any gentler call to rise and shine,

The kiss of the warm morning sun and the tunes of the feathered folk, are the true riches to behold,

To the wise and keen, this is a land of plenty and clean,

And to the untrained modern eye, it’s nothing but a wasteland of green,

The signs of life beat from the littlest of seeds to the biggest of trees, 

Big or small there is nothing insignificant at all,

The sun and water play the parents of the world, they love and raise all that the eye could behold,

All these riches need the respect they deserve, for the future can enjoy and serve,

For this may be the refuge in the days to come, when the people of the future would return to their true home, 

To protect what we love the fight is stern, for now we need to be the guardians of the green.”


By Rahul Reddy Katangur

May 2021