Aurora Lake

You can either train-in or fly-in to Aurora Lake (some people still call it Gzowski Lake). If you train-in, we put you onto the eastbound train at Armstrong Station. It is about a 2 hour train ride, and you get off close to the lake. It is about a 100 yard walk on a wooden boardwalk to a waiting boat and/or canoe. There is a winding creek through a beautiful marsh with many birds, big pike, and the occasional moose to the outpost about a mile up the  lake to the north. The handcrafted log cabin has two bedrooms comfortable for 4 people. It has a spectacular view straight down the lake to the north… and some nights you can see a few million stars and northern lights. Walleye and pike fishing is good. So is the moose hunting in the fall. At trip’s end, you can either take the same train back out in the evening returning to Armstrong… or get picked up by floatplane at the times of choice by you ( or the weather!).

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Cabin rental includes:

  • 14 ft boats motors and all gas
  • Adult size life jackets, dip nets and minnow buckets
  • Propane lights, refrigerator & stove
  • Two bedrooms, 6 bunks(2 double, 4 singles)
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Shower with hot and cold running
  • Fish cleaning station
  • A canoe
  • Porch with propane BBQ

Aurora Lake Rates

Fly in/Train out, Fly in/Fly out

*4-6 people

5 nights –  $1345.00
7 nights – $1345.00  

Train in/Train out

*4-6 people

5-7 nights – $795.00

Rates per person. Taxes not included.

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