Fly-In Outposts

Wabakimi is a part of the Boreal Forest. Come spend a night at our Beautiful B&B in Armstrong the night before you fly.Enjoy our hot tub or have a beverage out on our deck. After breakfast we will fly you and your group into one of our excellent fishing lakes. Increasingly popular, and a great bargain, our trips will take you a  remote spot in or near Wabakimi. Phone  Bert or Brenda 807-583-2626 to discuss the wonderful fishing possibilities.

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Shawanabis Lake

Bruce lived here, 25 miles from the nearest road, mostly off the land, for 2 years in the mid-1970’s. This gorgeous lake is cold, clear and productive. Six miles long, its 40 islands, countless bays, reefs, and points provide excellent walleye structure. Several small rivers run into the lake. At the southern tip, Boulder Creek is deep and winding, with good breeding spots for trophy pike over 20 pounds.

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Windfall Lake

We fly you to the beautiful sand beach in the heart of Wabakimi Park. Windfall is magical place. The cabin is rustic and simple, and comfortable for 2-3 people (there area nearby tent sites for a larger group) . Windfall Lake is a productive lake for walleye and pike. Portage into neighboring Snake Lake for MONSTER northern pike. You can explore Windfall Lake and nearby lakes by canoe, kayak or boat & motor. Swim right in front on the beach, fish, and paddle or just soak up the tranquil Wabakimi wilderness. Perfect for family outings & fishing. This outpost is one of Bruce’s favorites. Ask him about it!

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Mahamo Lake

Mahamo Lake (70 air miles from Armstrong)

Mahamo is eight miles long dotted with islands. Our cabin is located on north side of the lake on a beautiful sandy point. Early risers can experience fantastic sunrise or a nice dip in the lake. Walleye, northern pike & lake trout fishing is world class. Bruce says “Mahamo might just be the most beautiful lake and handcrafted log retreat I have ever seen in many decades or paddling, fishing, and flying floatplanes… and I have seen a lot!”

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Cerulean Lake

Cerulean Lake (72 air miles from Armstrong). Cerulean means “deep blue”… and it sure is. Cerulean is 3 miles long shaped in figure 8. It is 30-40’ deep on the north side & 1-5’ deep on the south side. Our 2 bedroom camp is located on the east side; looking to the west off the front porch you will experience fantastic sunsets. The walleye & northern fishing is some of the best. The largest northern to date is 54”. Portage and paddle along the creek on the north end to for more great fishing. Accessible by air. 1 bull tag, 2 cow tags, WMU 17.

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Montcrief Lake

Montcrief Lake is 50 air miles north of our B&B, in the most remote part of Wabakimi ( you can’t even get there by canoe!). A lovely camp for up to 8 fishers or moose hunters, it has wonderful walleye fishing and lots of moose (the odd caribou too). Don Plumridge will fly you in in his trusty Beaver floatplane, and tell you where the best fishing and moose hunting are. Well equipped and comfortable!

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