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Looksha IV
Length: 17'
Width: 22.5"
Depth: 12"
Cockpit: 29.5"x16"
Front Hatch: 12"x9"
Rear Hatch: 15"x10.5"
The Looksha IV has low profile decks, double hard chines, and a rockered hull. The rocker and chines combine to create a very maneuverable design which responds to the paddler's every move. With rock solid secondary stability, the boat is reassuringly predictable when put on a lean, and carves a turn beautifully. At 17' long and 22.5" wide the boat has good speed and ample storage for extended touring. When in rough water, the hard chines and ample rocker create a very seaworthy platform. This is where the Looksha IV really shines!

Length: 18'2.5"'
Width: 22"
Depth: 12"
Cockpit: 31"x15"
Front Hatch: 11.5"x7.5"
Rear Hatch: 14.5"x10.5"
The Tahsis is the best of all worlds if you want an incredibly fast kayak that can haul gear. The Tahsis features a multi-chined hull that adds stiffness and aids lean turns. It also offers the speed you expect from a long, narrow kayak, with stability and volume that's practical. If you're planning serious expeditions, look to the Tahsis as your kayak.


Length: 16'4.5"
Width: 22.5"
Depth: 12"
Cockpit: 31"x16"
Front Hatch: 11.5"x7.5"
Rear Hatch: 13"x9"
Day Hatch: 7" VCP

Like its drop skeg counterpart, the Elaho with rudder is a low profile touring playboat. Its multi chine diamond hull and rocker create a very playful and maneuverable craft. The bow and stern hatches feature flush covers, effectively eliminating kick up from spray across the deck and providing a clean, integrated look to the boat. A low stern deck, positive thigh hooks, rock solid pedals, and a backband make lean back rolls very easy. The Elaho is also available in polyethylene.

Zoar Sport
Length: 14'
Width: 25"
Depth: 13"
Cockpit: 34" x 17"
Front Hatch: 9" x 6"
Rear Hatch: 15" x 10.5"
This 14 foot version of the Zoar retains the diamond hull and many of the paddling characteristics of its big brother. With its shortened length, the Zoar Sport is easier to handle both on and off the water. The Zoar Sport is the ideal coastal exploration boat for getting in and out of coves and harbors. The cockpit area remains unchanged, giving a good fit for everyone, and front and rear compartments provide good storage.

Length: 16'
Width: 25"
Depth: 12"
Cockpit: 33"x18"
Front Hatch: 12"x8"
Rear Hatch: 14"x10"
The Eskia rides on a multi chine "diamond" hull. At 24.5" wide, this kayak offers plenty of initial stability and good tracking, making the Eskia a very comfortable and easy boat to paddle. The design incorporates recessed deck fittings and perimeter deck lines. Recessed deck fittings greatly reduce the possibility of snagging gear, clothing or tender skin on deck hardware during reentries and rescues, while perimeter lines provide a sure, easy grip for a paddler trying to secure a hold on the boat from the water. Innovative flush hatches keep the deck of the Eskia super clean and lend the kayak a very integrated look!

Looksha Sport
Width: 23"
Depth: 12.5"
Cockpit: 31"x17"
Front Hatch: 11.5"x8"
Rear Hatch: 14"x10"
As the name implies, the Looksha "Sport" was designed specifically with sporty paddling in mind. It will find a home in rock gardens and surf zone mayhem; anywhere that maneuverability and final stability are highly valued. The Sport's tough Superlinear polyethylene construction means that even collisions with rocks in the surf will leave little or no serious damage. This shorter Looksha has significant rocker and when leaned onto its hard-chined edge, it will spin on its axis. The Sport is offered with different hatch configurations and the choice of a skeg or rudder.
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